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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Paranormal Caught on Tape? ParaNOT

 Ok its been a long time since we have posted on the blog for those who hung in their with us thanks. 

Lets get right to my paranormal pet peeve. Nothing grinds the gears worse thank the paranormal shows we see on television passing off as actual paranormal videos and photos when in fact there's no real evidence to prove it. 

Here's things we ponder as we look at these shows which from what we can tell are 99% BS, 1 % eh...maybe. One thing that seems to be "questionable" are the camera angles, if you notice along with us, most always seem to be directed at the exact location of the paranormal "event" and it seems contrived.

There's also the issue with the fact the viewer can not readily see the entire room, so there is little chance of anyone being able to rule out that there are other people pulling strings and rigging things just off camera. Odd the camera catches the event itself but leaves out any real pertinent information that would help you "believe."

If you watch any modern day magician, you will see they are able to skillfully fool the viewer into thinking they "saw" something impossible. So to think that most of what you see on these shows is real over fakery probably doesn't qualify you to have much discernment which is extremely necessary because "he who believes in everything, really believes in nothing." In order to be a true paranormal believer, you must first be the biggest skeptic. Much more so than the person with the passing interest. Most people don't realize, that many serious paranormal believers, start off huge skeptics, and actually that never changes. Where they are wrong is in their assumption we never question what we see,hear or feel. Most go through their own process of ruling out the possibilities and only after they conclude and exclude do they arrive at a conclusion. Sometimes, not even then, but they wont rule out anything, they just allow for the possibility. What gets a "believer" to that point where they believe, is when they have a personal experience that they have already put through the paces of scrutiny, and have often sought out feedback from other skeptics that are open minded. 

What makes it hard to separate fact from fiction, is the ones that constantly mislead, misinform, or make claims that can not be validated. This tends to do more damage to the paranormal community than anything else. So always go at every case, with the mind that is open but until you are proven otherwise stay a skeptic.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

The New Ghost Hunters, Thoughts?

So what did you guys think? Leave comments below. As for TPB, we found it just well..lacking. We may be a little quick to judge as yet, but honestly, we just didn't get pulled in. The show did not have the original dynamic and once again investigating places like old buildings simply isn't what made the show successful way back in its infancy. It was the allure of the two plumbers by day, ghost hunters by night duo helping families in distress with disturbances in their home. Did we all not see over time when the show migrated from this to old buildings, and the like a dip in interest? After a while the show seemed to be changing, and not in a good way.

 Real people with real problems, was what made the show unique and different. The two plumbers Jay Hawes and Grant Wilson seemed forthright and genuine, and had a small crew of characters that were fallible at times but nonetheless enthusiastic. Brian Harnois was the whipping boy in many of the episodes for his blunders and once Steve Gonsalves showed up, we knew it was only a matter of time before Harnois was out. We at TPB liked Harnois, and often times felt he was harshly dealt with on the show.

 Once GH migrated into celebrity guest spots we knew it was time to turn the channel and we must not have been the only ones as our readers seemed to feel the same way, we saw a huge plummet once the infamous jacket tug Halloween show came out and the allegations began to filter in that there was fraudulent manufacturing of paranormal activity with Grant Wilson. Once Wilson left the show it all seemed to be in a downward struggle. We hoped for a return to the basic formula with the new GH show.

 Alas thus far it is looking like the same ol' same ol'. We aren't quite prepared to throw in the towel though, as the season is new and perhaps feedback will help. Assuming the shows producers listen. TPB would like to see them scale back their members, which so far seem pretty lack luster, inasmuch as group dynamics are concerned. Let's hope the new show goes back to helping people in their homes. Those of us expect old buildings to be haunted. People having issues in their home, well that is something we all can relate to. Families in crisis, needing answers, now that is what got us hooked.

Shows like Psychic Detective has since come along and capitalized on that real people in real homes formula and the show has been very successful. Grant Wilson can not be the only recognizable face in this new show. Jason Hawes, and perhaps a few others from the original cast need to atleast make cameo appearances, the energy and dynamic they had needs to be captured again. That's out view here at TPB, whats your thoughts?

Friday, March 15, 2019

A Murky Path Down Archer Avenue, Take a look....

"A Murky Path Down Archer Avenue" is a 13-minute journey through the ghostlore and urban myths circulating around Chicago's notoriously haunted street.  This project is one in a series of short documentaries, Addovolt Explorations, focusing on locations, creators, science, and history.

Directed by Derek Quint and produced by Addovolt Productions, "A Murky Path...." is narrated by Michael Marius Massett and features music by Andre Almaraz and Michael Marius Massett.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Why Is it so hard to believe?

Hi Readers its been a while, but thank you for still being around.  One topic I'd love to talk about today is skepticism and the world of psychic phenomena. Being someone with abilities, and believe me I am not the go around and tell the world type, but when I do reveal this, I almost always find that someone out there either wants to debate me, or make me validate my beliefs to them using their criteria.

The truth is, man has grown arrogant. Just because he's managed to explain a few things using information sharing and scientific data, he feels he can almost always explain why "you're wrong and you have no unusual abilities." Which the latter is true. Having abilities, and I don't like calling them "gifts" simply because people immediately go to the "oh so ya think you're special" mindset. Having abilities actually isn't "unusual" we all have them we've just chosen to call them something else. Something that fits into a category that the scientific world wont pick apart, experiencing coincidences repeatedly, de ja vu, knowing who is calling before you answer the phone, premonition dreams are all explained with a variety of "explanations" by the skeptic.

That's insulting. Skeptics always assume you've not examined your experiences and tried to find rational explanations. They always assume we adopt the most readily fantastical reason and go with that. Far from it, in fact most people that have a psychic ability are extremely skeptical. We always try the obvious explanations first. Most of us only arrive at a alternative explanation once we've ruled out everything else. Why? It's easier to have an easy explained experience, than to accept the experience you've had is abnormal, paranormal, or even other worldly. Skeptics never believe us when we tell them this. I guess that is what makes them skeptics, they never believe anything they can't find an explanation for, even if that explanation is wrong.

Man has abilities and they always have. Since we first uttered our first grunt and walked upright we've had abilities. These were a part of our genetics, our senses were in full work mode and it allowed us to survive. We survived life by listening, smelling, tasting, observing and taking lessons from our world around us. Animals have an ability to sense things and we still see that today. Why did they retain these abilities, because unlike man, they've not the ability to share information in the same way we can at the touch of a button. They have no outside input questioning their instincts, they simply use what they have at their disposal and survive with their intuition in tact. No one told them they were wrong or evil. Early man was far more aware of his environment than we realize. He along with the animals used his finely tuned senses, above and beyond the five we know of, and he lived, he survived. We can all start to develop these extra senses again, they are still in us all. They make themselves known to us, we've just got to stop saying its a coincidence, or some other socially and academically acceptable "thing."

We've dulled our senses in time with a world filled with environmental poisons, and we have access to world wide information, making us lazy and without any introspection. We no longer rely on our senses to survive and so they have weakened. People with abilities somewhere along the way accepted them from an early age and if they didn't share them readily didnt have a world telling them they are wrong, or evil. As a child, many of us didnt know it was "different" and as such the abilities became stronger. Its only once we open up, and share that we start hearing the negatives, and shutting down. Even going to church at a young age will stifle a God given ability, because so many people shun this, in spite of the fact the Bible is filled with prophets, healers etc. In fact who was a more powerful and greater healer than Jesus?

So many contradictions. Its no wonder people are conflicted, afraid and desperately wanting "science" to explain things. Man is not the founder of all answers, he is the discoverer of the next answer only. He will learn far more if he is open to possibilities not close minded to them. When we accept how little we know, and believe what our personal experiences tell us and not an outside interpretation, we find we are learning more about who we are, why we are here and how we can better serve mankind. We all have purpose, we all owe it to ourselves to let the information we have inside of us flow. We in essence, have to lift the veil, and build a wall at the same time. Lift the veil so we may see more clearly what our own fantastic senses tell us, and build a wall to protect ourselves from external damages that dull our senses and attempt to define our abilities inaccurately so we may be less "special." It's not that we are more special, we just believe we are all special and skeptics haven't caught up to that realization yet. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Famous Japanese Psychics

While there are many well-known psychics in the English speaking world, psychics are not limited to the West. Here are some of Japan’s most famous psychics.

Kisaburo Ueda

Born in 1871, Kisaburo developed his spiritual abilities while recovering from serious injuries following a fight with local gangsters in 1898. After his recovery he began practicing spiritual healing, and learning Chinkon-Kijin, a Japanese form of possession.
He is known as one of Japan’s greatest prophets and his Reikai-Monogatari (stories from the spirit world) is said to hold prediction until the 50th century. It is also said to have predicted the second world war, the Japanese defeat, and the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Hida Harumitsu

The son of a doctor born in 1883, infirm as a boy he dedicated himself to the study or medicine and psychology. In 1923 he felt a strong energy flowing out of his lower abdomen, which he called Chushun-Ryoku (central energy). After this experience he was able to perform miracles such as shooting a wire with an arrow with his eyes covered, reciting book pages which someone in another room read to himself and levitate himself and others.
In his final days he claimed to have seen the world 1,000 years into the future. Following this revelation, he decided to leave the world and committed suicide by fasting for 48 days. He never revealed what he saw.

Chizuko Mifune

This self-proclaimed clairvoyant lived in Kumamoto prefecture at the turn of the 20th century. Her abilities began to show themselves at around the age of 12 when she began to hear ‘singing’ inside her head. She nurtured this internal clairvoyant music by learning to play the koto and began to develop her abilities further after her marriage in 1908 with the help of her brother in law who would help her achieve a hypnotic state.
Chizuko was introduced to a Professor of Psychology at the University of Tokyo, Dr Fukurai, in 1910. He began to conduct a series of experiments with her, mostly having her read the content of cards that she could not see. While she was successful at first, her ability to accurately read the cards declined rapidly, and she suffered significant criticism from the scientific community and the press. At around the same time she heard the news that her sister had developed psychic abilities and Chizuko is said to have responded that she now had no use in the world.
Chizuko killed herself in January 1911 by ingesting poison at the age of just 24.

Nagao Ikuko

Born in 1971, this Japanese clairvoyant is also said to have predicted many future events. When she heard about Chizuko Mifune she approached Dr Fukurai to learn the same abilities. In one experiment Dr Fukurai asked her to see what was on an undeveloped photographic plate in an envelope. After the experiment he found strange spots on the plate. He was convinced that these were the result of some unknown energy radiating from Ikuko’s body.
Ikuko died of pneumonia shortly after Chizuko in 1911.

Osanami Toshie

Born in 1863, when she was 21 years old Osanami became unable to eat, lost her period, and suffered possession at night. Following the ordeal, she gained the special ability to summon divine water into sealed bottles. This water was used to heal diseases. Osanami was also able to produce ‘spirit paintings’ and write while in a trance state, though she was not thought to have been sufficiently educated to write when not in the trace state.
Arrested as a fraud in 1924, Osanami was later declared innocent after she was able to fill a bottle with divine water in the court room under surveillance.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Attacked by Unseen Forces

Hello Readers today we're sharing a story brought to us by our reader Jan Pavlov. All insights and comments are appreciated! 
~~TPB Team

Shadow Man
Image by Dawn Gagnon 

About two years ago in 2014 I worked at local Hospice. To make a long story short I will get right to the point.
One evening one of our patients expired. The family members gathered in the room  and performed some kind a ritual- ceremony. After all said and done they all left and the body of the man was removed.
I entered the room to clean. I walked around and found an Amethyst Crystal Cluster on the bottom of the bed. The size of the crystal was about the size of my palm.
I took the crystal into my hands and walked several times around the bed saying" if there is a spirit here with me please let me know your presence"
Nothing happened so I put crystal outside the room on my cart. I took windex and a cleaning cloth to clean bathroom mirror.
As soon as I entered the bathroom the temperature rapidly dropped. It got very - very cold and I got goosebumps all over. I turned toward the mirror in attempt to clean it, but I immediately knew that something was not right.
I instantly froze and couldn't move. I felt like I was standing on the metal floor with a magnetic boots on locked to the floor.
Right after I felt like someone or something touched me on top of my head. It felt like I got shocked with a stun gun and electricity went through my body. At the time I was wearing slacks and a polo shirt tucked into my pants. I was also wearing a rosary which was inside my polo shirt.
Anyway, right after I felt the shock my rosary literally exploded inside my shirt. It was made of fish line and was very tough.
Nevertheless, all of the beats of the rosary flew upwards outside my shirt against the gravity and scattered all over floor.
After that it was all over and I took off. Once outside the room I fund the crystal on my cart broken on half.

I am 46 year old man and served in military, but nothing can describe the fear I felt during this experience.
It is OK to publish if interested.
I told very few people about my experience, however they all thought that I am crazy including my family.
I am just trying to reach out to people with similar experiences and find out what had happened to me that day. All I want is explanation.
Jan Pavlov

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Black Dahlia: Can Mediums Help with this Cold Case?

mugshot taken of Elizabeth Short "The Bla...
mugshot taken of Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia" in 1943 for underage drinking. (original: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We've all heard the story, a raven haired young woman, movie star hopeful that falls prey to the evils of some sadistic killer that brutalized her, and left her corpse on display by a busy road side for the whole world to see. Sadly giving this lady her name in print and the sort of stardom we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy.
 Her name was Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the "Black Dahlia, for her black hair and her striking beauty. On January 15th, 1947, she met a most unfortunate end in her quest to becoming famous and indeed became rather famous, only it was for her mysterious death, and not her contribution to the silver screen of the day.
Many speculations and theories have come and gone, surfaced and re-surfaced about who could have killed this young lady that just wanted to become a famous actress in Hollywood. On the paranormal side of things, we'd like to see more cold cases examined by gifted mediums. At this point is there anything to lose? Chances are "no.." While some may have gone this route, it would be great to see a little more "reality" paranormal shows that dealt with the plethora of unsolved famous murder cases we have in our vast and unfortunate history of murder. Personally speaking, it feels very much like she trusted the wrong person..and this is of course an error made by the desperate, defenseless and penniless all too often.
What say you, our readers? Should there be a reality show using gifted mediums and all the sophisticated "paranormal" advantages we have today to focus on some of these long gone cold cases? If there was would you watch? We would, after all mediums have been utilized by law enforcement many times in helping with cases.  Is society not making use of one of our most valuable paranormal resources? Let us know what you think? And do you want to see more posts on unsolved murder and mediums?

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Imprisoned Ghosts of the Williamsburg Public Gaol

A two story brick building greets guests strolling through the cobblestone streets on the east end of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. From the outside, the 300 year old Public Gaol looks quaint and quiet. Yet some of the most feared pirates, traitors, thieves, and mentally insane used to sit incarcerated inside its chambers. According to those who visit today, the ghosts of the criminals continue to haunt the former colonial jail.

Photo Source:

When Williamsburg became the capital of the Virginia colony in 1699, a man named Henry Cary oversaw the construction of a jail to imprison corrupt officials and other criminals. The new public jail originally had three rooms, two for prisoners and the other for the guard, or gaoler. 

Later, city officials realized the jail required expansion to hold the increasing number of convicted thieves, runaway slaves, and spies. In 1703, the building expanded to include an exercise yard, a “Debtor’s Prison” in 1711, and a separate living quarters for the gaoler in 1722.

The conditions of the prison made it very uncomfortable for the inmates. Prisoners ate overly salted beef or soggy peas. The cold, damp weather and insufficient insulation caused many to freeze to death. Typhus, otherwise known as “Gaol Fever” infected inmates and the guards alike.  Yet some of the jails more notorious prisoners may have earned such harsh conditions.

The Bloodthirsty Blackbeard and His Crew

Of all the inmates, perhaps the most infamous came from the pirate Blackbeard’s crew. Until his death in 1720, Edward Thatch, better known as Blackbeard, became one of the most feared pirates, terrorizing and raiding ships along the colonial coastline. Blackbeard captained his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge along with a crew of ruthless pirates. Yet, that all changed when Virginia governor, Alexander Spotswood, had had enough, and sent Lieutenant Robert Maynard to arrest the outlaw and his cronies. 

Lieutenant Maynard faced off against Blackbeard in a bloody hand-to-hand confrontation that would leave Blackbeard dead at 38. Then the lieutenant took the pirate’s head and mounted it on a stick to warn pirates of their imminent fate.

Maynard managed to capture the surviving fifteen members of Blackbeard’s crew. Blackbeard’s henchmen awaited trial in the cells of Williamsburg’s Public Gaol. On March 12th, 1719, “one was acquitted, one pardoned and the rest sentenced to hang.”

The Scalptaker

Another scandalous prisoner who ended up incarcerated in the Williamsburg Public Gaol included Virginia’s own former governor, Henry Hamilton. Governor Hamilton received the nickname “The Scalptaker” after rumors spread that he bought the scalps of dead settlers from the local Native Americans. 

Eventually in 1779, Colonel George Rogers Clark arrested Governor Hamilton. Despite his prominent political position, Hamilton suffered the same unfavorable conditions as the other inmates. He shared a tiny cell with six other prisoners, forbidden from using pen and paper.

The Haunted Jail

After 300 years, Colonial Williamsburg’s Public Gaol has seen quite a few souls pass through its doors. The spirits of the old inmates continue to serve their sentence even in death. According to an account from Williamsburg’s Colonial Ghost Tour:
 “I went in there and I felt really, really, like there was something wrong, like something’s in there. I walked in further and further until I got to the very end where I could barely see light coming out from the door I walked in. I noticed the chains moving and the ball, because it’s the ball and chain that hangs on a wall, and I noticed it was moving and I was like that’s kinda cool.”

Do the former inmates of the Public Gaol remain trapped inside the cells? Those who want to see for themselves can tour the old jail which remains open to the public.

Written by: Allison Michelle Dienstman

Monday, November 30, 2015

Paranormal Review of the show Ghost Asylum

Tribute Spirits
Tribute Spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hey there readers, we wanted to weigh in on this show recently seen called Ghost Asylum. Currently there are two seasons out there and our biggest contention with this show was the "trapping of the spirits." We just had to write about this one because it begs to ask if this sort of thing can even be done in the first place and if so, who gives them the right to do so? So already we're prompted to question the legitimacy of what they are doing and the morality of it as well.

It's one thing to bring in the right people to move a trapped or lingering spirit on to the next realm and to have a family be rid of a negative entity or a spirit that has a nasty disposition for what ever reason. In fact we believe if you sincerely are going to help someone plagued in this way its incumbent upon you to do what you can to make sure the spirit is where they belong. However, to "trap" one in a box and then take it to a remote location and blow it up as seen in one episode..seems, well first of all extremely juvenile.

The credibility of the show seems to be somewhat shot because of this. Furthermore one could make the assertion that if any of these devices or contraptions are effective in ensnaring a spirit, why is there a need to keep building a different one per show? It would seem they'd get a patent on the device and market it to those who wish to banish spirits from their homes. Some criticisms have been directed at the fact that these are "southern" paranormal investigators going so far as to refer to them as "redneck" ghost busters, etc.  TPB is southern based as well and as such we take issue with the branding of all those hailing from the south as being "redneck" but this show isn't really helping to drive that point home.

However, we realize this is just our viewpoint, perhaps you have one of your own, so we pose these questions to you:
Have you seen this show and if so, what did you think of it?
What do you feel about the legitimacy of "trapping spirits" is this doable, or is this paranormal phooey?
If spirits could be trapped, is it right to do so?

We hope you guys way in on this and let us know what you think.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The Patterson Bigfoot Footage Real or Hoax, the Debate wages on? Still?

Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist.
Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok unless you have been in a cave for a gazillion years, and yes we're gonna say're aware of the famous Big Foot film footage that has been hotly contested throughout the years as to its authenticity in the late sixties.

We're of course speaking of the famous Patterson Footage, which was filmed in October 20 1967 in Bluff Creek California, by a horseback rider named Roger Patterson.  Amazingly, there are still many people currently that say this film was a proven hoax.

 Again we find ourselves standing by our position and that is that this film is legitimate. Aside from the fact there was more than one so called "confession" on record that claimed to have been the "man in the suit" the problem is, most of these confessions came about quite late in the game, and one would have to question why now? Why not back when the film was first presented? Where's the proof ?

Why did they wait to confess so late? Here's a certainty..they could not all have been the man in the suit. With that understanding, we know for a fact then that all but one are lying. Of the one on that list that is- for arguments sake- the "real" fake Bigfoot imposter in a suit..what real proof did they have to corroborate their claim?

Nothing is as compelling as the research that came out in 2010 that analyzed the footage using state of the art scientific means and found that the measurements, movement and overall size of the creature in the Patterson footage was not consistent with humans.

Here's a few other things to ponder, and we've pointed this out in other posts, but what would be the reason, for making the Bigfoot, a female? We know to create this suit as a female would take more time, and effort so what would be the point? Some will say to further make it seem real but I just don't think that mindset would have been at the forefront of any so called "creator's" objective.

The suit has never been adequately replicated. Never mind what Hollywood has come up with since this film, but  in 1967 the skills to effectively create a suit like the Patterson film creature, just wasn't there. Yes there's the Planet of the Apes costumes which were well done, but they were not full body suits, but were primarily just the faces/heads and hands. Even so they took an extremely long time to put on the actors for taping the show.

Measurements and data based on the film concluded that the figure was 7 and 1/2 feet tall. While there are humans that are actually this tall, the likelihood of finding one that would agree to participate in a hoax ? Doubtful, even if they were told a lie about the purpose of the film because they themselves were a rare find, it would have been a challenge to get a man to wear a suit with female breasts on it. Remember, this was in the sixties, not today where you can be a hero for looking like a woman when you've been born a man...back then, I would imagine a man would find it silly and degrading to wear.

On a more technical note..the average height of a full grown American white male is 5'10. In 1960 it was only about 5'8. This suggests there were very few people tall enough to be in this suit and the suit would have had to be made after finding someone to agree to do it, since it would need to be customized and tailored to fit someone not only that tall but with body proportions far exceeding in length of limbs than that of  the average human. Bottom line, finding a human that tall in that time would have been almost as hard as spotting the creature and capturing it on film.

No one has been able to prove they were the fabricator of the suit.  It was wildly rumored in Hollywood that  the creator of the Planet of the Apes costumes, John Chambers was the one that did the Patterson suit. However, Chambers himself  stated he had nothing to do with it and did not know Roger Patterson. Chambers did create the Burbank Big foot costume but it looks nothing like the Patterson film creature and was by all accounts extremely laborious.  Another  post found in Cryptomundo, The Bigfoot Report,  talks about this  in greater detail than we did here..check it out and also notice in the comments below that in spite of the report saying that Chambers said he did not create the suit there are still those insisting he there's no convincing some people. We believe this assertion that Chambers made the Patterson film creature's suit, is just a case of misinformation..and mistaken identity, we believe these rumors are really confusing the Patterson Big Foot with the Burbank Big Foot suit.simple enough..

Even the so called experts in the field want to believe it is a man in a suit, but they can not explain sufficiently why the Burbank suit doesn't even come close to what the creature in the Patterson film looks like. You'd think Chambers would be able to make an even better looking suit the second time around right? Apparently not.
It is doubtful Chambers would have even had the time with the Planet of the Apes being released in '68. Do they honestly think this man had nothing better to do with his time? It would be great if we as a society could put this debate to rest once and for all. The Native Americans have always said Big Foot is real. We believe they would know best...they too, have no reason to lie.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Alien Invasion, is it going on right under our noses?

Planets of the Solar System
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For many years now, the question as to whether aliens even exist has been asked and overwhelmingly we see that the majority of those asked, believe this to be a given. Even those who have never had an experience of the third or fourth kind believe there is more than likely other worlds, and life forms in addition to man.
Skeptics often argue to the contrary stating any number of reasons why other planets, galaxies, etc could not support any life and so there is no logic behind the assumption other life exists. This however is because scientist, think like humans. We know humans have a set of criteria that must be met in order to sustain life. Our bodies have needs, as do all the occupants of earth that are specific to our planet. While no one person can say for certain life exists on any of the planets that we can actually look at in space and observe, planets beyond our reach, our knowledge may in fact have life that exists in conjunction to what that planet may generate. Perhaps alien life forms don't require the same amounts of oxygen, water, etc. that man does. Maybe their bodies and needs have adapted to their own planet. At any rate, the real question is, are they here, on earth right under our noses, existing among us? Many say yes. The next question is why?
Some theorize they are here to breed with humans in order to further their own race. They are here to hybridize their species to ensure their survival, and to perhaps make their bodies more readily able to live here on earth.
This plays into many theories out there stating they are here to "take over" this planet. In order to thrive here they must become a hybrid species able to tolerate our environment for long periods of time. To do this successfully means, to live amid humans, incognito.
Others believe that man is here as one large alien crafted experiment. A planet with a specific set of elements for life sustainability, in need of life forms that are capable of surviving not only harsh climate fluctuations, but other environmental threats. The evolutionary process brings  about a race of apex predators that manage to survive, much stronger intellectually with a little boost of technological help. However this life has to be created. Therein is the big issue at hand is this life created by God, or is it via alien intervention. Were aliens dabbling in hybridizing with apes first and thus man was created? What say you?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Sasquatch Caught on Tape in Yosemite National Park

English: yosemite national park mirror lake 20...
English: yosemite national park mirror lake 2010 winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well we've seen a lot of footage via photographs and a few films through the years that have some compelling and not-so-compelling  "Sasquatch activity" through the years.

However recently there has been footage released in Yosemite National Park amid some roaming Bison in the park. We studied the film right along with the narrator of the footage and we have to say there's some pretty impressive arguments to support that these images may very well be legitimate Sasquatches. Yes, Sasquatch (es) meaning more than one in the film.

It is likely that if these creatures are in fact our Big footed friends, they are stalking the Bison for food, however we have no data that we're aware of as yet that Yosemite National Park  has ever had any Bison go missing or any remains that have been discovered that seem to be the result of a feeding of bi-pedals or otherwise.
You can find the footage uploaded on Youtube by Mary Greeley and decide for yourself, but you may also want to listen to the observations stated here as well: ,
At any rate take a look and if you feel so compelled come back and give us your two cents on what you thought.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fisherman Claims to have Photograph of Bigfoot Bathing

Here we go again..another Big foot story for the Sasquatch Watchers of the world. Huffington Post recently published this story on their site and it soon became viral all over the internet so where this story is first printed is anyone's guess. The story goes as follows: A 66 year old retired fisherman was fishing on the Hillsborough River near Tampa Florida where as he caught a photo of a Big Foot "bathing."
Now don't get us wrong, we here at TPB are always glad to hear that something commonly referred to as a "skunk ape" took a notion to bathe, but upon closer inspection of the picture we realized that this creature was not bathing. This creature was not, well, a creature at for one's imagination.
The photograph while some say is an experiment in photoshop, does show a hairy beast but  it is clearly a fake. The photoshopping allegations aside, we believe it is an actual man made altered Gorilla bust or suit.
TPB did not see any obvious photo shopping as some have claimed like layered branches,  etc. We can't say for certain that where the fur meets the water has been edited. There does seem to be some odd shadow placements but that isn't what jumped out at us and screamed "fake." What we can say is  that for a "bathing" creature it certainly appears to be extremely still.
 In fact there's not one ripple in the water to suggest any movement and in a swamp setting one would expect "some" movement, especially since the fisherman John Rodriguez claimed that what caught his attention was the "sloshing sound of water." The other thing to note  (until other  photos present themselves) is that there is only this one solitary photograph,  For a bi pedal creature, Bigfoot sure does leave a lot of singular forms of evidence, one Patterson film, one well, big foot print, and now one single photo?  One would think that if a person  were fortunate enough  to stumble across a clear shot of the most elusive beast of North America we'd want more than just one photo, yes?
As always we like for our readers to go research this latest story, google it and tells  us what you think of the picture..

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seeing Repeating Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 111 in Österreich
Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 111 in Österreich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We here at TPB love to examine paranormal and spiritual phenomenon and we've been looking into the phenomenon of seeing repeating numbers. We were surprise to learn through our research just how many people seem to have this  occur in their daily lives. For instance one of our writers sees the number 44 or 444 randomly on any given day and in many cases multiple times a day. Usually preceding something of importance. It has often been noticed around certain events and actions that are worth paying attention to.

Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 44 in Österreich
Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 44 in Österreich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many mediums that study numerology say repeating numbers are messages. For instances 44 or 444 seem to mean Angels are watching over you and are around you.  Other repeating numbers mean different things to different people.
So our question to our readers are, Do you see repeating numbers every day, everywhere you go and do they hold any meaning for you?

The key thing worth bearing in mind is this is a highly effective way to get your attention is it not?  Some people see many numbers that repeat, such as 555,333,111 etc. If you give it some thought, what better way to get you to start paying attention, learning and opening up to your spiritual side?

Monday, July 21, 2014

American Ghost Hunter Review

Paranormal State & AGH Tour
Paranormal State & AGH Tour (Photo credit: southerntabitha)
We are fortunate here at The Paranormal Blog to have readers submit a wide variety of personal stories and insights. Today we have a wonderful movie review from our reader Wendy. Enjoy!

I thought your blog readers would be interested in a review of Chad Calek's "American Ghost Hunter" documentary. As you know, Chad made several appearances on the reality show "Paranormal State." I always thought Chad was the comic relief of the group, but I also noticed more activity would happen around him, just as it would Ryan (Buell). This led me to believe Chad, as well as Ryan, had either had experiences before, or was a beacon or empath. I was on Twitter one day and noticed that Chad had a Tweet that related to the documentary "American Ghost Hunter", stating he directed it as well as starred in it along side Ryan as a guest appearing in the film. I did not know, however, that this was an auto biographical piece for Chad. I'm going to try not to spoil any of the film but it will be hard because you learn so much about what Chad went through. Ryan also finally discloses the events of his experience as a child and how it affected his relationship with his mother.
There are two ways to watch the documentary; you can purchase the DVDs, or watch it PPV by subscribing to the film for 24 hours. To do either, you go to the link at the bottom of this review, create an account, and continue with your purchase choice. Myself, I am very much without patience so I decided to go for the PPV option. Within a couple of minutes, I was watching the film on my iPad.
I was mesmerized the entire time. Chad really shows raw emotion in this film; he lets the viewer see how affected he was by his experiences. His experiences did lead him to becoming a ghost hunter, perhaps to get more answers, but even if he had decided to become a chef, nothing could take away from the brilliance of his direction. The close ups, the unusual camera angles as you hear voice over commentary, it's all done exceptionally well.
When the film is over, you feel like you went on a journey with Chad. You are spent and a little speechless. I remember saying "Wow" when it was over. I think I was asleep within the hour because I was exhausted. Chad is definitely a talented director and I can't wait to watch more of what he's done, and I'm looking forward to what he will do in the future. I think if anyone is going to crack the code of life after death, good versus evil, etc., it will be Chad.
Wendy Kaloski
Psychic Medium, Empath, and owner of
a computer consulting firm, The Rowdy Genius

Watch the movie here

Friday, July 4, 2014

UFO or ?

Ok it has been awhile since we've written anything regarding UFO's. However, it's a topic we love to read about and we certainly love personal stories whenever we can find them and that includes our own. In the Southeast US stormy skies were prevalent yesterday and so ever bearing my Fuji digital I decided to take a few pics of the ominous sky and the shots were quite lovely in color. However, once uploaded the last photograph contained an image that I did not see in my ten to fifteen minutes of staring at the sky taking photos. I am not sure what this image is, but I did submit to google images to see if there were any like images floating around and there were few so I decided to post the photos here and hope to get feedback from the smartest group of people I know, our readers. Here goes:
Unidentified flying object
© 2014 Dawn Gagnon Photography

© 2014 Dawn Gagnon Photography
unidentified flying object South Carolina
© 2014 Dawn Gagnon Photography
Ok let me have your thoughts, what do you think it is? It only showed up in one photo and it was the last of several II had taken while outside. Discuss...

Letters from our Readers: Sleep Paralysis and Negative Entities

The Nightmare
The Nightmare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
This letter was recently received by a reader of That Paranormal Blog and they have allowed us to share it with the rest of you. They are hoping to gleam some insights, suggestions and advice from anyone out there that can give it.
We will not publish the name or email of the reader out of respect for their privacy, however if you have any messages or advice please leave it in the comment section of this post and we will make sure they get it. Here's the letter in its complete and unaltered form, along with their youtube video link.

Hi there.

I recently had sleep paralysis for the first time and witnessed some kind of ominous dark shadow figure at the end of my bed. It just stood there watching me, and even though it was hard to make out exactly what it was, I could feel and sense with all of my being that it had nothing but evil intentions. it was the most terrifying experience of my life. All I wanted to do was get up and scream to get it away from me, but I couldn't say a word and I had no control over my muscles. My breathing was very shallow and tight. I was completely paralysed. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or not, it seemed so real, but I was very confused and startled.
 I'm a rationalist and a very skeptical person with no previous interest in paranormal activity, but after doing some research it seemed like there was a possibility that this entity is real. So many other people from all over the world report seeing the same thing and have had very similar experiences.

So I decided to set up my video camera and leave it running whilst I slept. I really didn't expect to find anything. It was more for peace of mind as I was still very shaken up by the experience and was finding it difficult to get to sleep with the fear of having this experience again. After scanning through the footage it seemed like there was nothing out of the ordinary, but I decided to have a look at the audio signal. I noticed a little raise in the audio graph a few hours into the filming so I looked at that part of the video. My heart stopped when I observed what seemed to be some kind of ghost or entity evaporate above my bed.

I have watched the footage over and over trying to figure out some logical explanation for what could have caused the image of what seems to be a ghost, but I haven't been able to come up with a solution. I am really starting to believe that I captured the entity I saw during my paralysis on video. This terrifies me so much that I can no longer sleep in my room. I have slept in my friends room since it has happened as sleeping alone is just too scary for me to deal with right now.

Here is the video. You are welcome to use it if you like, and I'd be interested to hear your take on it.


Ok readers, this is the link to the video, feel free to comment and let us know what you think. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Loch Ness Monster, Alive or Dead or Never Existed?

Loch Ness from Fort Augustus  Scotland
Loch Ness from Fort Augustus Scotland (Photo credit: conner395)
Ok first and foremost, to ask this question, suggests you must believe that "Nessy" exists to begin with, but I feel its a valid question to all those that love anything odd/paranormal especially when it has been a mystery since the 1930's and beyond. I would go into the back story of the famous Loch Ness Monster but chances are many of you readers have a working knowledge of the story already. So we like to just dive right in and examine the questions around the existence instead.

Recently we watched a documentary on the ever elusive Loch Ness Monster and learned that the reported sightings have gone down significantly in recent years, prompting the title of this post. Some allege that "Nessy" is no more, while others insist that while the creature could have died, there is every reason to assume there are others lurking about in the depths of Loch Ness. Some reports indicate that there are not one but several, and a few witnesses claim to have seen 1 larger creature in the company or one or two smaller ones, thereby suggesting they have reproduced and had offspring. If this were the case, wouldn't the sightings have increased?

The bottom line is, aside from eye witness reports that have been around for a long long time and extremely grainy film footage that have no comparable objects to even ascertain size, there have been no conclusive reports, no definitive evidence, that this creature has ever existed, unless you accept the Plesiosaurus theory. The other pesky problem is food. A large creature needs it, a lot of it. Does the Loch have enough of a food source to sustain not only one creatures livelihood, but several?
What say you?
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Monday, March 17, 2014

That Paranormal Blog News Flash : PRESS RELEASE : : : The Ghosts of Emily Gray by C. Keith Carpenter

The Ghosts of Emily Gray

C Keith Carpenter
C. Keith Carpenter
 : : :  PRESS  RELEASE  : : :

Author and artist C. Keith Carpenter has recently published his new paranormal novel, “The Ghosts of Emily Gray.”

The story follows Erin, the surviving identical twin of Emily who was tragically killed exactly one year ago.

Multiple apparitions of the dead teen simultaneously haunt the family while Erin tries to cope with the guilt of Emily’s death, haunting visions, a jilted ex-boyfriend who taps into supernatural forces to enact revenge, and a family that is quickly disintegrating.

Having made a break with the occult underworld, Erin struggles with her own identity as a person while dating the high school football star who is very different from her.

Carpenter writes a smart, riveting, and fantastic story with well-rounded characters and many twists and turns. He is a graphic designer and copywriter whose spare time is also devoted to creating a very popular fine art series titled Alterniverse: The Urth Chronicles.

Settle in for the night and immerse yourself into the nightmare. It is a book you won’t be able to put down until it is finished cover to cover. Sleeping afterwards, however, may be a difficult task.

The novel is available online and at other locations which are listed on the website

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