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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ryan Buell Cancer update

20081030Geoff Bernstein6
20081030Geoff Bernstein6 (Photo credit: SAIatCalU)
Ryan Buell was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in July 2012, however he has recently stated that his doctors are impressed with the progress he is making with his current battle to fight this often deadly disease.
If you'd like to keep up with Ryan and get updates on future PRS activities, you should check out his official Facebook page and also follow his twitter account. Ryan's continual message to others is to be mindful that he is not the only one battling cancer, and that all of those who are, he encourages them to "Soldier On." Buell is hoping to be "cancer free" by Christmas so let's all pray for this on his behalf, and also, on all of those battling any form of cancer. Show your support today by donating to CancerCare.

Ryan D. Buell Official Facebook Page
Ryan Daniel Buell Twitter
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