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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Attacked by Unseen Forces

Hello Readers today we're sharing a story brought to us by our reader Jan Pavlov. All insights and comments are appreciated! 
~~TPB Team

Shadow Man
Image by Dawn Gagnon 

About two years ago in 2014 I worked at local Hospice. To make a long story short I will get right to the point.
One evening one of our patients expired. The family members gathered in the room  and performed some kind a ritual- ceremony. After all said and done they all left and the body of the man was removed.
I entered the room to clean. I walked around and found an Amethyst Crystal Cluster on the bottom of the bed. The size of the crystal was about the size of my palm.
I took the crystal into my hands and walked several times around the bed saying" if there is a spirit here with me please let me know your presence"
Nothing happened so I put crystal outside the room on my cart. I took windex and a cleaning cloth to clean bathroom mirror.
As soon as I entered the bathroom the temperature rapidly dropped. It got very - very cold and I got goosebumps all over. I turned toward the mirror in attempt to clean it, but I immediately knew that something was not right.
I instantly froze and couldn't move. I felt like I was standing on the metal floor with a magnetic boots on locked to the floor.
Right after I felt like someone or something touched me on top of my head. It felt like I got shocked with a stun gun and electricity went through my body. At the time I was wearing slacks and a polo shirt tucked into my pants. I was also wearing a rosary which was inside my polo shirt.
Anyway, right after I felt the shock my rosary literally exploded inside my shirt. It was made of fish line and was very tough.
Nevertheless, all of the beats of the rosary flew upwards outside my shirt against the gravity and scattered all over floor.
After that it was all over and I took off. Once outside the room I fund the crystal on my cart broken on half.

I am 46 year old man and served in military, but nothing can describe the fear I felt during this experience.
It is OK to publish if interested.
I told very few people about my experience, however they all thought that I am crazy including my family.
I am just trying to reach out to people with similar experiences and find out what had happened to me that day. All I want is explanation.
Jan Pavlov


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