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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fisherman Claims to have Photograph of Bigfoot Bathing

Here we go again..another Big foot story for the Sasquatch Watchers of the world. Huffington Post recently published this story on their site and it soon became viral all over the internet so where this story is first printed is anyone's guess. The story goes as follows: A 66 year old retired fisherman was fishing on the Hillsborough River near Tampa Florida where as he caught a photo of a Big Foot "bathing."
Now don't get us wrong, we here at TPB are always glad to hear that something commonly referred to as a "skunk ape" took a notion to bathe, but upon closer inspection of the picture we realized that this creature was not bathing. This creature was not, well, a creature at for one's imagination.
The photograph while some say is an experiment in photoshop, does show a hairy beast but  it is clearly a fake. The photoshopping allegations aside, we believe it is an actual man made altered Gorilla bust or suit.
TPB did not see any obvious photo shopping as some have claimed like layered branches,  etc. We can't say for certain that where the fur meets the water has been edited. There does seem to be some odd shadow placements but that isn't what jumped out at us and screamed "fake." What we can say is  that for a "bathing" creature it certainly appears to be extremely still.
 In fact there's not one ripple in the water to suggest any movement and in a swamp setting one would expect "some" movement, especially since the fisherman John Rodriguez claimed that what caught his attention was the "sloshing sound of water." The other thing to note  (until other  photos present themselves) is that there is only this one solitary photograph,  For a bi pedal creature, Bigfoot sure does leave a lot of singular forms of evidence, one Patterson film, one well, big foot print, and now one single photo?  One would think that if a person  were fortunate enough  to stumble across a clear shot of the most elusive beast of North America we'd want more than just one photo, yes?
As always we like for our readers to go research this latest story, google it and tells  us what you think of the picture..


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