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Friday, November 6, 2015

The Patterson Bigfoot Footage Real or Hoax, the Debate wages on? Still?

Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist.
Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok unless you have been in a cave for a gazillion years, and yes we're gonna say're aware of the famous Big Foot film footage that has been hotly contested throughout the years as to its authenticity in the late sixties.

We're of course speaking of the famous Patterson Footage, which was filmed in October 20 1967 in Bluff Creek California, by a horseback rider named Roger Patterson.  Amazingly, there are still many people currently that say this film was a proven hoax.

 Again we find ourselves standing by our position and that is that this film is legitimate. Aside from the fact there was more than one so called "confession" on record that claimed to have been the "man in the suit" the problem is, most of these confessions came about quite late in the game, and one would have to question why now? Why not back when the film was first presented? Where's the proof ?

Why did they wait to confess so late? Here's a certainty..they could not all have been the man in the suit. With that understanding, we know for a fact then that all but one are lying. Of the one on that list that is- for arguments sake- the "real" fake Bigfoot imposter in a suit..what real proof did they have to corroborate their claim?

Nothing is as compelling as the research that came out in 2010 that analyzed the footage using state of the art scientific means and found that the measurements, movement and overall size of the creature in the Patterson footage was not consistent with humans.

Here's a few other things to ponder, and we've pointed this out in other posts, but what would be the reason, for making the Bigfoot, a female? We know to create this suit as a female would take more time, and effort so what would be the point? Some will say to further make it seem real but I just don't think that mindset would have been at the forefront of any so called "creator's" objective.

The suit has never been adequately replicated. Never mind what Hollywood has come up with since this film, but  in 1967 the skills to effectively create a suit like the Patterson film creature, just wasn't there. Yes there's the Planet of the Apes costumes which were well done, but they were not full body suits, but were primarily just the faces/heads and hands. Even so they took an extremely long time to put on the actors for taping the show.

Measurements and data based on the film concluded that the figure was 7 and 1/2 feet tall. While there are humans that are actually this tall, the likelihood of finding one that would agree to participate in a hoax ? Doubtful, even if they were told a lie about the purpose of the film because they themselves were a rare find, it would have been a challenge to get a man to wear a suit with female breasts on it. Remember, this was in the sixties, not today where you can be a hero for looking like a woman when you've been born a man...back then, I would imagine a man would find it silly and degrading to wear.

On a more technical note..the average height of a full grown American white male is 5'10. In 1960 it was only about 5'8. This suggests there were very few people tall enough to be in this suit and the suit would have had to be made after finding someone to agree to do it, since it would need to be customized and tailored to fit someone not only that tall but with body proportions far exceeding in length of limbs than that of  the average human. Bottom line, finding a human that tall in that time would have been almost as hard as spotting the creature and capturing it on film.

No one has been able to prove they were the fabricator of the suit.  It was wildly rumored in Hollywood that  the creator of the Planet of the Apes costumes, John Chambers was the one that did the Patterson suit. However, Chambers himself  stated he had nothing to do with it and did not know Roger Patterson. Chambers did create the Burbank Big foot costume but it looks nothing like the Patterson film creature and was by all accounts extremely laborious.  Another  post found in Cryptomundo, The Bigfoot Report,  talks about this  in greater detail than we did here..check it out and also notice in the comments below that in spite of the report saying that Chambers said he did not create the suit there are still those insisting he there's no convincing some people. We believe this assertion that Chambers made the Patterson film creature's suit, is just a case of misinformation..and mistaken identity, we believe these rumors are really confusing the Patterson Big Foot with the Burbank Big Foot suit.simple enough..

Even the so called experts in the field want to believe it is a man in a suit, but they can not explain sufficiently why the Burbank suit doesn't even come close to what the creature in the Patterson film looks like. You'd think Chambers would be able to make an even better looking suit the second time around right? Apparently not.
It is doubtful Chambers would have even had the time with the Planet of the Apes being released in '68. Do they honestly think this man had nothing better to do with his time? It would be great if we as a society could put this debate to rest once and for all. The Native Americans have always said Big Foot is real. We believe they would know best...they too, have no reason to lie.


  1. There is no doubt- I believe in Bigfoot. I do believe however they are smart enough and know the land well enough, that them being caught is going to be hard. However, with the way the world is today not having enough common sense to leave things alone, even bigfoot will be caught somewhere down the line. Why is it that people have to cut everything apart to try and understand shit that does not concern them? It is just like Aliens.. I believe in them too.. and I believe there are things with area 52 that we will never know about.. again, it is one of those things people need to cut every thing apart to learn about things that does not concern them. Mankind needs to stop acting like a superior being and just let life flow the way it needs too. Soon people will not even have to worry about giving birth because there will be ways to grow or manufacture other human beings... Too much Sci-Fi? Think about things... it will make you start to wonder.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. People should leave well enough alone, but so many times they have to kill it, dissect it and destroy it to even believe in it, and the funny thing is, there's so many out there that believe things that can't be killed or dissected..and they usually are the same ones asking people not to believe in anything else..its crazy..


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