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Submitted by thekidinboston

Haunted Plant
On 9/9/2012 my wife and I visited Concord, MA for the day.  A woman at the local antique shop asked if we had been to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.... my wife had years ago, but I had never been.  So of course we trekked up the road to see it.  After driving in and parking in the cemetery, we walked up "Authors Ridge" where famous local authors are buried:  Louisa May Alcott ("Little Women"), nature poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, environmentalist Henry David Thoreau ("Walden" and "Civil Disobedience"), and Nathaniel Hawthorne ("The Scarlet Letter").   While walking along, something caught my wife's eye, a little plant waving excitedly at us.  There was barely even a breeze.... So we decided to videotape the waving plant that looked like an oak sapling.  After filming this, we waited around for 20 more minutes, but it never moved again.

Scary Night at the Winchester House
Submitted by femmehorror

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