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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Alien Theories and Discussions

Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We've been studying Alien related topics for some time now and we love it when we all get in on the conversation. One thing we'd like to ponder today is a few Alien theories. We as humans tend to rationalize and explain everything we think, feel and believe in based on a certain set of human experiences and guidelines. We are completely handicapped by this in many ways. Its like trying to figure out the universe, based on an episode of the Brady Bunch isn't it? In short we only know what we know, the rest we can only look at based on educated guesses.

That being said, have you ever wondered why, if aliens do exist, why they don't just make their existence known world wide, all at once? Even remotely? From a safe distance? Could there be a viable reason? Most certainly there is...but what is it? Here's where theory comes into play, that is one thing we humans have no shortage of..Most of us agree, that alien intelligence would be superior to our own. This is why we have more theories than accessible evidence but that is ok, it's a start, right? Assuming they are far superior to us, can we then assume their reason for not blatantly making their existence known has to do with an understanding of human nature? Many believe they have been visiting our little blue marble for a long long time, and certainly they know we are not  a friendly species although we like to think we are. They may have actually fostered many ideas and inspirations man has had.

Man has repeatedly throughout history brutalized his own species, and most living entities on this planet. Has he evolved into a higher state of being, a less violent creature through out time? Honestly? No. We've managed to create weapons that can wipe out an entire country, we can manipulate bio chemicals to destroy life as we know are we a kinder gentler species now? Far from it, if anything our growth and greed have made us more violent and more dangerous. We would like to believe we are different, we read history books and scoff at our own brutal past as if we've come so far but we've only made progress in our ability to deny our true nature.

So we can probably assume that aliens know we are violent and not to be trusted as a species, we likely appear quite primitive to them. We may be able to assume with some degree accurately that if they wanted to destroy us they would have done so by now. Mankind for them may simply be an experiment that they have been studying since the beginning. The randomness of their appearances world wide may also be very deliberate. Could they be simply leading us to them? Instead of them coming to us? Why lead us? That could take a long time at this pace, but perhaps that time is needed. We are far from knowing what is best for ourselves. We are but toddlers in a large play pen. Could this slow process between mankind and aliens meeting face to face, have to take this slow process simply because we just aren't ready yet?
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