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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rumors of Grant Wilson's departure from Ghost Hunters run rampant

English: Picture of Grant Wilson, Co-founder o...Image via WikipediaJust prior to the show airing last night, Ghost Hunter :Amy Runi tweeted Tonight! All your questions are answered on the mid-season finale of! 9pm on  - DO NOT MISS IT!

The interesting thing to note about this is that there seems to be far more questions than answers as to why founder Grant Wilson left the show. Rumors persist in light of this new information and they run the gamut from Wilson was fired by the show, to a secret affair with another Ghost Hunter member to an undisclosed illness.

Many viewers were quick to point out to TPB that Grant Wilson was in fact no longer wearing his wedding ring. There were reports indicating that in a tweet a fan did pose this question to Wilson who tweeted he had a reaction to the "metal" and that they were trying to "fix" this.

Other reports on the internet suggest there was some issues between Wilson and other founder Jason Hawes which was more than likely drawn upon some questionable tweets between the two previously.

One quick read through Grant Wilson's various tweets and one can assume this, he's known for some time prior to the show he was going to leave and they seemed to work the announcement in to make for a ratings boost.

According to The Atlantic Paranormal Society Website:

1. Grant was not fired

2. Grant did not leave due to health issues

3. Grant did not  leave due to a rift between himself and Jason Hawes

4. Ghost Hunters is not being cancelled

5. No new lead investigator is slated to take Grant's place

6. Grant will be pursuing other endeavors ie: graphic design, art, and music to name a few. 

7.  Grant will not be an "active" member of TAPS at this time, but will assist Jason in other areas.

8. Grant has no plans to make any upcoming personal appearances at this time.

9. Grant will remain an active co-owner with Jason Hawes of their joint business venture The Spalding Inn. 
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  1. What, too distracted to print my comments?!...

    1. Sorry, but is that a comment? LOL

  2. Kris with Grant , now kris with Barry and I think Jason hit that too

  3. Hmmm. I noticed that the rumor of a secret affair with another Ghost Hunter member was not denied, nor was it confirmed. It makes sense that he was no longer wearing his wedding ring and now he has quit Ghost Hunters, and The Atlantic Paranormal Society website doesn't comment on the runoff of the affair.

  4. Kris left right around the time all of this started taking place. It is sad that people are so selfish that they don't think about all the innocent people that are going to be hurt because of their decisions.


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