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Monday, July 21, 2014

American Ghost Hunter Review

Paranormal State & AGH Tour
Paranormal State & AGH Tour (Photo credit: southerntabitha)
We are fortunate here at The Paranormal Blog to have readers submit a wide variety of personal stories and insights. Today we have a wonderful movie review from our reader Wendy. Enjoy!

I thought your blog readers would be interested in a review of Chad Calek's "American Ghost Hunter" documentary. As you know, Chad made several appearances on the reality show "Paranormal State." I always thought Chad was the comic relief of the group, but I also noticed more activity would happen around him, just as it would Ryan (Buell). This led me to believe Chad, as well as Ryan, had either had experiences before, or was a beacon or empath. I was on Twitter one day and noticed that Chad had a Tweet that related to the documentary "American Ghost Hunter", stating he directed it as well as starred in it along side Ryan as a guest appearing in the film. I did not know, however, that this was an auto biographical piece for Chad. I'm going to try not to spoil any of the film but it will be hard because you learn so much about what Chad went through. Ryan also finally discloses the events of his experience as a child and how it affected his relationship with his mother.
There are two ways to watch the documentary; you can purchase the DVDs, or watch it PPV by subscribing to the film for 24 hours. To do either, you go to the link at the bottom of this review, create an account, and continue with your purchase choice. Myself, I am very much without patience so I decided to go for the PPV option. Within a couple of minutes, I was watching the film on my iPad.
I was mesmerized the entire time. Chad really shows raw emotion in this film; he lets the viewer see how affected he was by his experiences. His experiences did lead him to becoming a ghost hunter, perhaps to get more answers, but even if he had decided to become a chef, nothing could take away from the brilliance of his direction. The close ups, the unusual camera angles as you hear voice over commentary, it's all done exceptionally well.
When the film is over, you feel like you went on a journey with Chad. You are spent and a little speechless. I remember saying "Wow" when it was over. I think I was asleep within the hour because I was exhausted. Chad is definitely a talented director and I can't wait to watch more of what he's done, and I'm looking forward to what he will do in the future. I think if anyone is going to crack the code of life after death, good versus evil, etc., it will be Chad.
Wendy Kaloski
Psychic Medium, Empath, and owner of
a computer consulting firm, The Rowdy Genius

Watch the movie here


  1. Unfortunately I watched this "movie" and thought that it fell way short of entertaining and left more questions than answers. It was just set up to lead to another documentary. I believe this was not so much a reality movie, but more of an opportunity for Chad to make a film that people would buy in hopes that it would be abut Ryan.

    1. Well one thing is for sure, I want to see the movie now to see for myself. :-D

  2. My father and I are a team of ghost hunters. We also have a similar issue when it comes to investigations. My dad always seems to get all the conversations with spirits. However, when I ask the same or similar questions while holding our spirit boxes; I get a fraction of responses of what my dad receives. Chad also appears to have some type of connection. I am not sure why; but maybe Chad is more "in-tune" to the spirit world than I am.


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