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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Black Dahlia: Can Mediums Help with this Cold Case?

mugshot taken of Elizabeth Short "The Bla...
mugshot taken of Elizabeth Short "The Black Dahlia" in 1943 for underage drinking. (original: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We've all heard the story, a raven haired young woman, movie star hopeful that falls prey to the evils of some sadistic killer that brutalized her, and left her corpse on display by a busy road side for the whole world to see. Sadly giving this lady her name in print and the sort of stardom we wouldn't wish on our worst enemy.
 Her name was Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the "Black Dahlia, for her black hair and her striking beauty. On January 15th, 1947, she met a most unfortunate end in her quest to becoming famous and indeed became rather famous, only it was for her mysterious death, and not her contribution to the silver screen of the day.
Many speculations and theories have come and gone, surfaced and re-surfaced about who could have killed this young lady that just wanted to become a famous actress in Hollywood. On the paranormal side of things, we'd like to see more cold cases examined by gifted mediums. At this point is there anything to lose? Chances are "no.." While some may have gone this route, it would be great to see a little more "reality" paranormal shows that dealt with the plethora of unsolved famous murder cases we have in our vast and unfortunate history of murder. Personally speaking, it feels very much like she trusted the wrong person..and this is of course an error made by the desperate, defenseless and penniless all too often.
What say you, our readers? Should there be a reality show using gifted mediums and all the sophisticated "paranormal" advantages we have today to focus on some of these long gone cold cases? If there was would you watch? We would, after all mediums have been utilized by law enforcement many times in helping with cases.  Is society not making use of one of our most valuable paranormal resources? Let us know what you think? And do you want to see more posts on unsolved murder and mediums?

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  1. I believe and/or wished more mediums would work more on cold cases. There are so many horrible crimes done and it becomes a cold case which leaves many families with the hurt of not being able to bring closure to the lost. You know how I am, if there cannot be closure, that just continues to feed the killers energy because not only did they get away from murdering someone, but they can feed years on the hurt they brought to the families... So why doesn't more mediums work on cold cases?


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