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Monday, June 15, 2015

Alien Invasion, is it going on right under our noses?

Planets of the Solar System
Planets of the Solar System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For many years now, the question as to whether aliens even exist has been asked and overwhelmingly we see that the majority of those asked, believe this to be a given. Even those who have never had an experience of the third or fourth kind believe there is more than likely other worlds, and life forms in addition to man.
Skeptics often argue to the contrary stating any number of reasons why other planets, galaxies, etc could not support any life and so there is no logic behind the assumption other life exists. This however is because scientist, think like humans. We know humans have a set of criteria that must be met in order to sustain life. Our bodies have needs, as do all the occupants of earth that are specific to our planet. While no one person can say for certain life exists on any of the planets that we can actually look at in space and observe, planets beyond our reach, our knowledge may in fact have life that exists in conjunction to what that planet may generate. Perhaps alien life forms don't require the same amounts of oxygen, water, etc. that man does. Maybe their bodies and needs have adapted to their own planet. At any rate, the real question is, are they here, on earth right under our noses, existing among us? Many say yes. The next question is why?
Some theorize they are here to breed with humans in order to further their own race. They are here to hybridize their species to ensure their survival, and to perhaps make their bodies more readily able to live here on earth.
This plays into many theories out there stating they are here to "take over" this planet. In order to thrive here they must become a hybrid species able to tolerate our environment for long periods of time. To do this successfully means, to live amid humans, incognito.
Others believe that man is here as one large alien crafted experiment. A planet with a specific set of elements for life sustainability, in need of life forms that are capable of surviving not only harsh climate fluctuations, but other environmental threats. The evolutionary process brings  about a race of apex predators that manage to survive, much stronger intellectually with a little boost of technological help. However this life has to be created. Therein is the big issue at hand is this life created by God, or is it via alien intervention. Were aliens dabbling in hybridizing with apes first and thus man was created? What say you?


  1. I am one of those people that does believe in other life forms. One thing mankind has a problem with is believing they are superior and there could be no other life form. This is a huge galaxy to only have one life form (mankind). I do believe each species of life requires different things for survival. Whereas we need gravity- other life forms may not. Whereas we need water, other life forms may not... the list is endless. Recently I have been sitting outside at night... and I have seen things... Imagination?? Who knows.. the fact remains to believe we are the only life forms in this huge galaxy is truly a strange concept.

  2. This I am not 100% sure about. If there are aliens living among us, I pray to the universe they stay hidden because as fucked up as the world is, if aliens are here they would be held in captivity and tested on like animals-Another mankind superior bullshit theory. On one hand I believe there are many humans that has different 'gifts' and beliefs and perhaps that could mean they are of an alien form... I just do not really know. I know they exist throughout the galaxy, I am just not sure if they live down here with us.

  3. Well if they are truly superior to us, then they probably have little to fear from us because they'd probably be able to take us out with little effort and could even be prepared to do so. I think they'd recognize us as being quite primitive and that may very well be why they'd be incognito. Not sure myself, I just like asking the questions..and seeing what people think.

  4. All I have to ask with the number of different aliens and ships sighted are we in a star trek universe. I am sure life is out there but coming to earth would be more believable if it was one or types spotted over the years.

  5. There are many things in the universe that we're not uncover yet, Maybe there are another lifeform in a universe nearby that their life is similar to us. Some of them maybe have higher technology than us. If we stop then they'll keep go further. This maybe a reason we should get advancement in exploring what we know about universe.


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