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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seeing Repeating Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 111 in Österreich
Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 111 in Österreich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
We here at TPB love to examine paranormal and spiritual phenomenon and we've been looking into the phenomenon of seeing repeating numbers. We were surprise to learn through our research just how many people seem to have this  occur in their daily lives. For instance one of our writers sees the number 44 or 444 randomly on any given day and in many cases multiple times a day. Usually preceding something of importance. It has often been noticed around certain events and actions that are worth paying attention to.

Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 44 in Österreich
Deutsch: Schild der Landesstraße 44 in Österreich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Many mediums that study numerology say repeating numbers are messages. For instances 44 or 444 seem to mean Angels are watching over you and are around you.  Other repeating numbers mean different things to different people.
So our question to our readers are, Do you see repeating numbers every day, everywhere you go and do they hold any meaning for you?

The key thing worth bearing in mind is this is a highly effective way to get your attention is it not?  Some people see many numbers that repeat, such as 555,333,111 etc. If you give it some thought, what better way to get you to start paying attention, learning and opening up to your spiritual side?


  1. sometimes i see the same numbers over and over again but i never gave it any thought

    1. You should look up there meaning Wayne and see if there is any significance to it. :D

  2. Replies
    1. In some ways I think that can be a blessing since it can drive a person to distraction.


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