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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sasquatch Caught on Tape in Yosemite National Park

English: yosemite national park mirror lake 20...
English: yosemite national park mirror lake 2010 winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well we've seen a lot of footage via photographs and a few films through the years that have some compelling and not-so-compelling  "Sasquatch activity" through the years.

However recently there has been footage released in Yosemite National Park amid some roaming Bison in the park. We studied the film right along with the narrator of the footage and we have to say there's some pretty impressive arguments to support that these images may very well be legitimate Sasquatches. Yes, Sasquatch (es) meaning more than one in the film.

It is likely that if these creatures are in fact our Big footed friends, they are stalking the Bison for food, however we have no data that we're aware of as yet that Yosemite National Park  has ever had any Bison go missing or any remains that have been discovered that seem to be the result of a feeding of bi-pedals or otherwise.
You can find the footage uploaded on Youtube by Mary Greeley and decide for yourself, but you may also want to listen to the observations stated here as well: ,
At any rate take a look and if you feel so compelled come back and give us your two cents on what you thought.


  1. Love the article you guys have just wish to cut back on the ads really slowing down the page loads

  2. Sorry about that GateKeeper, we will look into cleaning that up in the very near future. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Hey, Big foot is out there. I'm not sure, but I do believe he may be an alien species. Must be very advanced if its so easy for it to hide from humans. Great article. Please keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks Scott. Well there are lots of theories out there as to where Bigfoot comes from and some have also suggested he is not "of this world" but has been placed here to test our species and possibly our reactions and acceptance of a different life form. I do know many Native Americans believe he is a spirit walking among us and that he can disappear at will.


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