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Monday, November 30, 2015

Paranormal Review of the show Ghost Asylum

Tribute Spirits
Tribute Spirits (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hey there readers, we wanted to weigh in on this show recently seen called Ghost Asylum. Currently there are two seasons out there and our biggest contention with this show was the "trapping of the spirits." We just had to write about this one because it begs to ask if this sort of thing can even be done in the first place and if so, who gives them the right to do so? So already we're prompted to question the legitimacy of what they are doing and the morality of it as well.

It's one thing to bring in the right people to move a trapped or lingering spirit on to the next realm and to have a family be rid of a negative entity or a spirit that has a nasty disposition for what ever reason. In fact we believe if you sincerely are going to help someone plagued in this way its incumbent upon you to do what you can to make sure the spirit is where they belong. However, to "trap" one in a box and then take it to a remote location and blow it up as seen in one episode..seems, well first of all extremely juvenile.

The credibility of the show seems to be somewhat shot because of this. Furthermore one could make the assertion that if any of these devices or contraptions are effective in ensnaring a spirit, why is there a need to keep building a different one per show? It would seem they'd get a patent on the device and market it to those who wish to banish spirits from their homes. Some criticisms have been directed at the fact that these are "southern" paranormal investigators going so far as to refer to them as "redneck" ghost busters, etc.  TPB is southern based as well and as such we take issue with the branding of all those hailing from the south as being "redneck" but this show isn't really helping to drive that point home.

However, we realize this is just our viewpoint, perhaps you have one of your own, so we pose these questions to you:
Have you seen this show and if so, what did you think of it?
What do you feel about the legitimacy of "trapping spirits" is this doable, or is this paranormal phooey?
If spirits could be trapped, is it right to do so?

We hope you guys way in on this and let us know what you think.


  1. I wanted to thank you for bringing up the point of morality in dealing with spirits. In almost every organized ghost hunting group I've participated in, some people (certainly not all, but sometimes it was the group leaders) would behave in ways that we felt were unethical toward the spirits. I've stopped going on organized investigations and group clearings for this reason. Good for you for making a point about this issue.

    1. Thank you Crystal Hope, I am reassured by feedback from you and others that this is a responsible and important part of spirit interaction in these cases.

  2. I've seen the show, and yet to have seen a "successful capture". It's all smoke and mirrors, like their silly "traps"


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