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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ghost Hunters Mid Season Premiere

Ghost Hunters
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Well if you're a die hard Ghost Hunter fan you wont have to wait for long before the Mid Season Premiere airs. Come June 12 th,  9/8 c the members of the Taps team will be back in the saddle again. Touting themselves as "Televisions #1 paranormal reality series" we can only speculate as to whether they will live up to the billing. In the past viewers as well as TPB readers have conveyed the shows have lost something in the years to follow their initial success. We've pondered the whys and what ifs, and what abouts no end to try and figure out if Ghost Hunters could improve on their failing popularity. Many of you, our loyal and most brilliant readers shared your thoughts and here's what some of you had to say..:

  1. Eva ThomasDecember 7, 2012 at 7:13 AMI have noticed a huge difference in Ghost Hunters lately. For me it just does not have the zing it did in the past. It is like the zest of doing the job is a little lost, if that makes sense. 
  2. Richard C RyderOctober 4, 2012 at 9:15 AM I think that the show is better without Grant so far... with that being said, I wonder who will step up and take his place. I think the shows so far this season seem to be more based on the roots of when their show started. I like what they've done lately and think that they have had some incredible finds, especially last night's show.
  3. AnonymousFebruary 20, 2013 at 11:23 AM Honestly, I can't watch the show anymore. We are left with two very pompous and conceited individuals,(Steve and Jason) and the show just seems so empty. I was growing old of the show anyway, "Hey, did you hear that?" "Is anybody there?" "What was that?" etc. I've done some growing up since the show began and it seems so lame now. Grant was a class act, the genuine article, no airs or posturing, just professional investigating. I really looked up to him. Steve seems like such a sneaky opportunist and Jason is so full of himself that there is no balance between the team. And then all the new characters, they really lack personality. Yeah, I'll continue to watch "Ghost Hunters," the reruns when the show was a class act! Sorry guys, but I think  Grant was smart to leave before the show loses it's luster. All I can say is, dudes, you really should stop while your show is still afloat, you're just going to ruin it for the entire paranormal genre...
  4. AnonymousFebruary 15, 2012 at 8:20 PM  I must say that Grant was one of my favorites and I believe due to the ridiculous guest stars, flash light tricks and Grant not wearing his wedding ring might have something to do with him leaving. I guessed who was going to be leaving, but the reasons why are still up in the air. Plus, Grants hasn't been looking too well lately. Again, it could be due to his health or home-life. I just wish he would come out and say why and get all out in the open. We love you and wish you would stay, but we understand.

To read more comments about what our readers think, check out all our related Ghost Hunters articles.  Use our search bar or labels section to locate them. So what say you, are you looking forward to the new season premiere or are you simply put "Tapped" out? 

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  1. I remember there was a time I would not miss a show, today I barely watch them anymore. As I said back a few months ago, the show has lost its zest. I often wonder though-do you think popularity may have something to do with it? They say you cannot always sit on the thrown and expect to sit there: once you get to a point where you think you are it, you find out fast you truly are not "It" you are just another human being.


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