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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hunter claims to have shot and killed two Bigfoot Creatures

Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist.
Bigfoot, as imagined by a Canadian artist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Our first questions to our readers is this, what would you do if you suddenly encountered two Bigfoot creatures in the woods? Secondly, is it right to kill any creature that you aren't even sure of what it is? The reason we at TPB ask, is, what if this was just two hoaxsters dressed in ape suits and a nervous shooter decides to take aim? Should it be legal to shoot the unknown? Should the hunter have just turn around and run?
While there are blurry images, foot print casts, recorded howls and the now famous Patterson Bigfoot tape, which many believe is the only legitimate footage available. What would it take to prove this large ape creature exists? A dead body, or enough remains from the body to acquire a dna sample. Without hard evidence there can be no true conclusion, however this can not only be hard to obtain, but at what cost?

Some of you may have recently heard the story of hunter Justin Smeja who appeared on the show Monsters and Mysteries this past March. Smeja was featured on a segment of the Monsters and Mysteries show for having shot not one but two Bigfoot creatures while hunting in the Sierra Mountains. One creature was larger, and one was believed to be a juvenile. Smejas reasoning for shooting both in haste was out of panic and fear.

Photo of an unidentified animal the Bigfoot Re...
Photo of an unidentified animal the Bigfoot Research Organization claims is a "juvenile Sasquatch" "Jacobs Photos" . . Retrieved 2009-09-16 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Later the hunter felt was he refers to as “great remorse” after approaching the dying juvenile and seeing just how human they appeared. Once Smeja was sure the creatures were dead, there was an attempt to cover and conceal the bodies shortly before leaving the area. Before going any further, reports as to whether Justin Smeja is lying about his experience have been countered it a lie detector test in which Smeja passed. For those also wondering, dna samples have been obtained, however the results of those findings have yet to be revealed.

The bottom line is this, what do you feel the moral implications are here. If Bigfoot exists, is it right to hunt and pursue this creature to the point that we take it's life in order to prove it exists? Is it necessary?Is man's need to know, more relevant than the life of the Bigfoot? Now that someone has claimed to shoot a Bigfoot will this encourage more to try and hunt and kill one? There are multiple monetary rewards across the world. Why wouldn't this creature hide? One has to ask, at the end of the day, which one is the beast and which one truly is, more human?
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