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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Does Grant Wilson have cancer?

DSC00117DSC00117 (Photo credit: KierDuros)

This post is to address questions from our readers concerning SyFy Ghost Hunters co-founder  Grant Wilson. Apparently there seems to be some confusion, as many have asked this question in  the last couple of weeks. So let's clear this up shall we?

Answer: While Grant Wilson is involved with fund raising for Cancer charities, there are no known reports at this time stating he has cancer. Ryan Buell of  Paranormal State, has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, see:
Paranormal States host Ryan Buell Battles Pancreatic Cancer
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  2. Virginia Caton is a coward that hides behind her blog. She makes statements that she can't back up then blocks comments. If you are going to make public posts have the thick enough skin to take the reviews. Literacy helps as well.

  3. So who is Virginia Caton and what is her blog? We don't know who that is???


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