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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: That Paranormal Blog's take on the show

English: Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot Bugerbear YowieImage via WikipediaTPB (That Paranormal Blog) has been watching this show (Finding Bigfoot) on and off for some time now in hopes that it would be cool, thought provoking and interesting. I have also secretly wished that there would be some new light shed on this legend of Bigfoot. So far what I have seen is nada.

First and foremost some of the "investigators"  look more like Big foot than anything I have seen them turn up in the woods on the show. I am not going to call any names but I think you all know if you have watched the show.

We at TPB are  hopeful skeptics, however, there is another "investigator" that thinks every thing he see's is evidence of Sasquatch existence and that drains the show of any real credibility in TPB's opinion.

Here's some thoughts, bring in Psychics. Yeah I said it so? Hey, they aren't really getting anywhere relevant on their own are they? Why not utilize a wide variety of skills and tools available? Even if you never catch a real live Sasquatch on film, it would improve the shows entertainment value to see some interesting input. Tell that big hairy guy with the weird hat to clean up a little? Right now he is the scariest thing I have seen on the show and something tells me even a female Sasquatch would run from him. Ok that's my two cents, discuss...

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