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Monday, December 16, 2013

Maybe we're slow...but whats the deal with Bigfoots foot?

English: Foot print in sand . Photograph from ...
English: Foot print in sand . Photograph from Maldives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Footprint on earth... Photograph from...
English: Footprint on earth... Photograph from Maldives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ok its been awhile since we've posted anything on the site, apologies, there are a lot of things going on elsewhere so hope you guys have stuck around. We've been thinking on the issue of Bigfoot's foot for sometime now and this has plagued our brains considerably. So with that being said, we thought we'd throw this out to the smartest people we know, our readers,, yeah you..and ask you what your thoughts are, so here it goes..

Why is it that there is only one foot print of Bigfoot? I know someone out there will say there are multiple casts of both the left and right foot but where are they so we can go look?
It seems every time a "print" is found it is only one, which begs the question, is Bigfoot really "bi-pedal" afterall? We're beginning to wonder. You can go where one man has been and if he is barefoot in that area, you will more than likely see more than one foot print..why isn't this the case where bigfoot prints are located?
Another thing we have noticed is how perfectly formed the foot is, the toes in most seem to be all perfectly lined up, there's usually no wonky shapes....don't some of you think the foot print is a little too perfect most of the time?  If we were to look at our own footprints in the mud, or sand, we'd surely see some wonky prints some of the time. Maybe a big gap between poppa bear toe and the second toe, maybe the second toe is longer than the big toe, or the little toe is any rate, we just can't seem to find one that is unique looking, and when one is produced, it is sooooo unique looking that it looks like it isnt a bigfoot print at all.
What say you all?
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  1. Read Meldrum and Green and Krantz for answers to the questions you pose. There are examples of everything you just asked about.

    1. Ahh man but its so much cooler when you tell us what you think...


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