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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sylvia Browne Passes Away at 77

Sylvia Browne
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We decided not to rehash what can be easily found on the web about the details of where she passed and the like. What TPB has decided would be more interesting now is to discuss the medium and her legacy. Its about opening up and having a discussion.
Sylvia Browne perhaps was best known for her books and appearances on television, most notably the Montel Williams show. Montel seemed to place a great deal of faith into her gifts and you clearly got that sense of it when you watched her on his show. Browne was also quite controversial at times and did have quite a few well noted inaccuracies in her predictions. While no psychic can be completely right all the time, one does have to be very very careful when they reach great heights in fame to not let the ego cloud the vision, which may have been in part the problem with Sylvia Browne.
Her most wildly reported snafus were when she told the mother  of  kidnapping victim Amanda Berry that her daughter was not alive, when in fact the kidnapping victim was very much alive and found a decade later still with her captor. Additionally she told the parents of  young Shawn Hornbeck that their son was no longer alive and that his abductor was a dark male with dred locks. Shawn Hornbeck was in fact alive and his captor was caucasian.
While the public can accept that the gifts of psychics are not always accurate, one has to wonder at the same time, if it is a good idea to make sure "definitive" statements about death when speaking to desperate and pain ridden loved ones publicly or privately.  We have no actual data that can accurately predict Brownes true success rate, however many other well known mediums have been out spoken in her defense. What say you? Our readers, was she legit?
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