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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rick Dyer: Did he really kill Bigfoot?

Breaking News Rick Dyers Tent Video Has Hit Th...
Breaking News Rick Dyers Tent Video Has Hit The NEWS!! (Photo credit: Racer X9)

Many of you may recall when the news hit the pipelines about San Antonio hunter Rick Dyer and his proclamation that he shot and killed a Bigfoot. Dyer stated that he killed the supposed creature between Loop 1604 and Highway 151 in September of 2012.

According to Dyer he is not remorseful in the least over the killing and is set to tour the US with the "stuffed" corpse of BigFoot. Dyer stated that Bigfoot is "real" and that extensive tests have been conducted on the corpse. Dyer also said the world would know he is the best Sasquatch tracker in the world. Dyer also said that the tests conducted were everything from DNA to 3D optical tests.

Dyer also provided a grainy cell phone video of "Bigfoot" outside of his tent showing interest in pork ribs that were nailed to a tree for bait. That being said, many experts in related fields of study have called into question not only Dyers claims but his legitimacy entire. Many reports state that in 2008 Dyer was involved with a Bigfoot hoax, and as such those who have commented on  his claims do not lend any real credence to his September 2012 story.

The sad part about this story is the fact that the hunter Dyer said that he had no regrets to shooting and killing this beast. If you assume he is telling the truth about killing Sasquatch, one has to wonder what kind of person is proud to have killed the elusive being? We would guess it is the same person that would be happy to take the corpse on tour to brag about it to the world. We at TPB hope this is all just another hoax by Dyer. It is far less bothersome than to believe someone could kill something so close to being human as to brag about it..

For those Bigfoot enthusiasts, you'll be interested to know there will be a new Bigfoot hunter-type show airing soon. This newest show claims to be different from other shows that are
The show, "10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" is set to air on Spike TV January 10, 2014.
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  1. This is sick, hopefully it is just another hoax by someone who wants to be in the spotlight.

    1. I agree, I hope it is BS and if it turns out to be true, I hope they move to make a law that will prohibit the murder of any of these creatures, as I am sure they qualify as endangered.


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