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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Black eyed Children..Real or Urban Legend?

Black Eyed Child?
Ok, it has been ignored long enough we suppose, but have our readers heard of this? Supposedly these children are strangely approaching people and homes the world over and the general consensus is, they are not to be allowed inside your home.

A quick little search online turned up plenty of written articles on the subject but we've seen nothing that could possibly make this seem more than urban legend. That being said, we'd love to hear our readers opinions and feedback on this...and would YOU let them in?

Here's some big questions, if they are all over the world, and people have had encounters, our big question is, as with all phenomenon, where's the pictures?

Where would these children come from and has anyone ever called the authorities and if so what ever came of it, surely this would headline the news, wouldn't it?
Anyone have an encounter? Urban legend or a clever way to promote a book.. your thoughts? Why? Because our readers are smarter than everyone else's :-)

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