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Friday, January 25, 2013

Demystifying Orbs

Orbs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One prominent thing you will see on many paranormal groups,websites and shows are many photographs of orbs. It would be wonderful evidence if every orb meant there was spirit activity in an area you are investigating. However, orbs in the home can be a different matter altogether depending on whether they are legitimate spirit orbs, dust, mold spores or insects.

You may feel that your home has little dust, but I can assure you every home has dust. In fact, refraining from having carpeting and furnishings is unlikely to deter dust from entering your home and being airborne. Dust exists in the same quantity regardless of our efforts. Bare floors often allow dust to swirl freely every time there is a current, someone walking by, even a toy rolling across the floor can send up an unseen flurry, since it is not being trapped by carpeting of any kind.

So how do we then determine spirit orbs from dusts, mold spores and insects? Well that is a good question since many experts in the field, including seasoned investigators and photographers will tend to disagree on all aspects and points. That being said, there are a few things that one may want to research further. In the meantime, we can safely assume most are dust or one of the aforementioned known causes. Orbs that travel in specific directions, emit a glowing light, are often  regarded by Paranormal Investigators like Ghost Adventurers as legitimate spirit activity. Now the real  question is, how high of a regard to you hold Ghost Adventurers when it comes to these things?  That is for you to decide. So next time you feel there may be orbs, try filming them with your  digital camera and look for deliberate movement, changes in direction that are sharp and purposeful and post to groups like : Paranormal Unity on facebook and see what kind of feedback you get, it may surprise you.

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  1. You know often it is very hard to tell the difference when you catch an orb in a picture. I have only caught a few and the way I tell the different is if I have capture an orb, there will only be one or two. If there are a bunch floating around that tells me they are something difference. The main thing I focus on is energy. You can usually see an orb and it will give an empath and/or sensitive a feeling of paranormal activities.

  2. I agree and I do think flurries are usually dust, or if outside either precipitation or even insects..the energy is the key and I always believe the orbs that have a light to them..some feeling of substance,direction and purpose..those I pay attention to..

  3. I like your approach on the topic. Your article is as interesting as your previous writings. Keep up the good work, thanks a lot.


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