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Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Matt Moneymaker and the Coyotes

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 02:  President of t...
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - AUGUST 02: President of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Matt Moneymaker speaks at the 'Finding Bigfoot' discussion panel during the Discovery Networks/Animal Planet portion of the 2012 Summer Television Critics Association tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 2, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
First let me say, TPB does believe Bigfoot can exist..but we have to be careful when we seek the truth..not to accept everything as the truth...otherwise we are perpetuating lies as well...and so we must be selective, analytical, and skeptical...

I just had to chime in on something I am watching right now and it is an older episode of "Finding Bigfoot."  Now we have been a little critical of Matt Moneymaker and his take on Bigfoot for a long time. We've hinted many a time that his over enthusiasm, quick to assume all is evidence of a Bigfoot is jumping the gun to put it lightly.

While we believe there may be a "bigfoot" in existence, we can't just assume every account, every story and every sighting is one, as Moneymaker always seem to do. It just lessens his credibility, because he is all assuming and all accepting of everything all the time. In essence, if bigfoot were everywhere as Moneymaker seems to believe, Finding Bigfoot would have a lot more evidence than they currently seem to have.

It's not that we don't believe there may be a Bigfoot, we just don't think Moneymaker is objective enough, to be a truly effective and trustworthy authority on the subject. With that being said, we offer you this case and point...on this particular episode, Moneymaker is howling in the dark doing his best Bigfoot yell and coyotes are howling in response. Moneymaker assumes that they are recognizing his howl as a "Bigfoot" and are thus responding to it.

This is absolute hogwash. After living on a mountain in Maine for the better part of a decade I can tell you that coyotes respond to any howl they hear. I have summoned their howls many times in the evening. If you want to know if coyotes are around, one simply has to do a coyote howl and they will respond. It's their instinct to do so. Even our Siberian Husky would howl back and forth with the coyotes, until they would get really close to the cabin that is,..then she knew enough to be silent if not fearful when they were too near..

So this assumption on Moneymaker's part is simply him again, "reaching" for evidence and proof, which if you have to "reach" for evidence, or proof it is probably not either. Moneymaker should remain objective and analytical. Afterall every noise, sound, story, eyewitness accounts, are all heresay, and have many variables..
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  1. You have made some thought provoking statements here. I have to agree though.If there were that many Bigfoot around, they would be noticed a lot more than they are. However, they may be intelligent enough to stay out of humans sight.

    1. I do believe they are there, but as you said, they are intelligent enough to remain fairly elusive. My real irritation with Moneymaker is that he accepts all as proof of a bigfoot, which just opens the flood gates for more hoaxes, which in the end strip him of alot of credibility in my eyes and proves one thing for certain.....Bigfoot is smarter than Moneymaker LOL

  2. Thank you , thank you , thank you.
    I continue to follow Finding Bigfoot with a self admonition to take Matt Moneymaker with more than a grain of salt. His ,at times, criteria for BF evidence as indisputable does put at risk the entire production's credibility.
    The individuals I think are the most objective are the field biologist; who, one day may well find evidence meeting her overly skeptical criteria.
    The former school teacher, is ,well a good teacher with qualities making him generally thoughtful and accurate.
    Last but certainly not least we have BOBO. I do not doubt his commitment and find his personal observations credible. He too is often willing to give credit to evidence that is shaky , in my opinion. (We all know about opinion's, right?)
    So far, having a good time reading comments and stories at this site. I am still learning to navigate around and hope to gain proficiency with continued participation.
    With more years than I like to admit, spent in the cathedral forests of the lower 48, There are only 3 occasions during which I thought, felt, sensed, somehow there was a presence close by not feeling animal or human. These occasions all occurred about 20 years ago in the Tetons. My reason for considering them appropriate to mention in a comment regarding "Bigfoot" is the proximity of time in events and observations; including poor tracking conditions, eye shine, sounds unrecognized to my night ear(& the ear of companions x2), eye shine was at a height not appropriate for any known species indigenous to the area.
    I have yet to have any experiences in the are of the Mid Atlantic states. But have had 2 occasions to question the presence of an unknown creature close to a campsite in the state of Vermont.
    Hope to hear more personal accounts from readers and feed back. 'Bye for now and more news later.

    1. So would we Peggy, we do believe this mystical creature may exist and some cultures believe this creature has the ability to appear and disappear at will. Such a creature of this kind would have to be very elusive just to survive, as man is most assuredly a big obstacle than anything else for this creature.
      Matt Moneymaker is all too accepting, and we are thankful to have Renee? sp? The skeptical field biologist present as she is often times the voice of reason over Matt's everything's a bigfoot mentality..The school teacher seems credible but I do wonder if he gets swept up in Moneymakers extreme enthusiam which for some may be infectious...--just not to us (LOL). Bobo is the best reference tool they often have for gauging size if nothing else. LOL. We like Bobo, the cast of "experts" are an interesting bunch at any rate. We just wish the one loose cannon in the bunch would tighten up a little. Thank you for sharing your interesting experiences as well. We appreciate your input :)

    2. See a few typos in our response? Oops.. see you're not alone :P


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