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Friday, April 13, 2012

Could there be a dinosaur creature still lurching in the Congo?

Mao of Cameroon Español: Mapa de CamerúnMao of Cameroon Español: Mapa de Camerún (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monster Quest researchers believe that there is the distinct possibility. According to the local people living in the Cameroon area, they have seen a dinosaur like creature living along the Congo river and believe they live in caves that flank the river.

While conducting a search of the Cameroon area and drifting on the Congo, researchers did come across a strange fish called an Elephant fish. This fish is specific only to this particular area and is not known to exist anywhere else in the world. This prompts the possibility that the Cameroon people and their home may host other creatures not seen anywhere else in the world as well.

Mokele-mbembe ill artlibre jnlMokele-mbembe ill artlibre jnl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Monster Quest researchers, in an effort to rule out the possibility of eye witness mistaken identity, showed the people various pictures of different animals. None identified the creature they described as an elephant or alligator. The people in the area live so remotely, many did not even know what a deer or a bear was and could not identify them in the pictures. They were able to point to a dinosaur-like shape and did say the creature they call Mokele-Mbembe, was similar to it.

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